How to Be Happy

Consider the rich man who dines in the finest restaurant. Consdier the thirsty man who hasn't had a drop to drink in 2 days. Both are given a the same glass of water which contains a tiny speck of dirt. One is upset, the other cannot be happier. Happiness is truly a state of mind. That being said, here are 10 ways to influence your state of mind and be happier in your everyday life:

10. Smile at Everything

Is it raining on your walk home? Smile and thank the universe for a great story to tell your friends. Is your kid screaming at you? Smile and thank the universe for a healthy child. Did you just get fired from your job? Smile, the universe is giving you a chance to start over.

9. Exercise

Exercise is a key ingredient for happiness. It keeps you in shape and in good health. Not only that but it releases key hormones in your body to actually induce a state of happiness. My wife and I try to go for a walk every day if possible and I also try to do more vigorous exercise at least a few times a week.

8. Stop Worrying about Everything

When you worry about something you are actually causing yourself to experience it whether or not it actually happens. While a small amount of worry is necessary to keep us from making bad decisions in life, anything more than a few minutes a day is just self-induced anxiety over something that is probably never going to happen.

7. Do Something for the Pure Enjoyment of it

Do something at least once a week but preferably once a day that you enjoy just for itself. This should preferably be something active (like painting) and not passive (like watching TV). For me it's playing my favorite sport. At least every week, but sometimes a few times week I get out there for a few hours and just have fun.

6. Cultivate Your Friendships

This means usually mean calling your friends and asking them to hang out. Good friends are everything when it comes to happiness. Knowing you're going to do something fun with your friend gives you something to look forward to all week and knowing you have a friend to count on makes you feel more secure in other areas of your life.

5. Surround Yourself with Positive Things

The energy you surround yourself has a big influence on your happiness level. So surround yourself with happy people, listen to music that makes you happy, and find a job that generally allows you to experience daily happiness. At the same time this means removing yourself from situations where you are surrounded by negativity.

4. Take Personal Responsibility

Taking personal responsibility for your life means accepting blame for everything that goes wrong. Most people tend to accept credit for what goes right but blame others for what goes wrong. This leads them to feel like their life is not under their control and so they live in constant fear of what's going to happen next. Instead, every time something bad happens to you consider it a learning experience bringing you closer to your goal of true happiness.

3. Spend Money on Experiences

Do not spend money on useless material goods like expensive jewelry or a house that is too big for you. When we do this it's not because these things make us happy, it's that we want to show other people that we're happy (and successful). Give a child a million dollar necklace and see if they're any happier than with a plastic bag. Spend money instead on experiences, like going to the zoo or out with your friends. Is been proven that spending money on experiences makes people much happier than on luxury goods.

2. Stop and Enjoy the Moment

When I'm at home playing with my little daughter I try to sometimes just stop and enjoy the moment. I know she's going to be all grown up soon and every moment I have with her is precious. Even when she's crying or screaming at me I try to find humor in the faces she makes. So next time you're at the family Christmas dinner our out laughing it up with your friends, stop, breath and know that this is happiness.

1. Everything is Two Things

Everything that happens to you in your life can be looked at from two different angles, a positive one or a negative one. The way you choose to look at it is how happy you will be in that moment. Consistently choosing the positive point of view is the #1 key to lasting happiness.