How to get Good Karma

What is Karma?

Karma - the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished according to that person's deeds.

Karma describes a belief that if you do bad things then bad things will happen to you and if good things then good things will happen to you.

According to wikipedia we produce Karma in four ways:
  • through thoughts
  • through words
  • through actions that we perform ourselves
  • through actions others do under our instructions
Some people believe karma affects you in just this life while others believe that you have many lives and negative things which happen to you in this life may be the karmic effects of past misdeeds. Everything that we have ever thought, spoken, done or caused is Karma; as is also that which we think, speak or do this very moment.

Actions performed consciously are weighted more heavily than those done unconsciously. But just as poison affects us if taken unknowingly, suffering caused unintentionally will also give appropriate karmic effect. We are in position to do something about our destiny by doing the right thing at the right time.

Karma and Spirituality

The notion of karma is an important concept in virtually every major religion and spiritual belief system and is expressed by all of our greatest teachers:

From the Bible
"Do onto others as you would have others do unto you."
From the Bhavad Gita
"He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity; he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword."
From the Tibetan Book of the Dead
"As men think so they are, both here and hereafter, thoughts being things, the parent of all actions, good and bad alike, and as the sowing has been, so will the harvest be."
From the Buddha
"For, owners of their deeds (karma) are the beings, heirs of their deeds; their deeds are the womb from which they sprang; with their deeds they are bound up; their deeds are their refuge. Whatever deeds they do-good or evil-of such they will be the heirs. And wherever the beings spring into existence, there their deeds will ripen; and wherever their deeds ripen, there they will earn the fruits of those deeds, be it in this life, or be it in the next life, or be it in any other future life."
From the Tao Te Ching
"The natural laws of the universe are inviolable... what you say and do determines what happens in your life? You are the master of your life and death. What you do is what you are."

How can I increase my karma?

Through positive actions, pure thoughts, and prayer or meditation, it is simple to raise your karma:
  • Never intentionally harm another person unless by doing so you are preventing even more harm.
  • Steer your thoughts to be positive thoughts whether they are about yourself and your future or about others.
  • Always do what you think is right, never sacrifice your principles for personal gain.
  • Help others.