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We Teach Life Skills to Students

We Teach Life Skills

How do you recognize a cult or a scam?  Why is it so hard to change anyone's mind about anything?  What's the minimum amount of exercise you need to do to get the body you want?  Why is it so hard to lose weight, is it really all just a matter willpower?  Why do some people become rich, is it just chance or do they know something others don't?  Why do our minds continually bring up bad past experiences and torment us with worrisome thoughts?  Is it possible to ever attain the happiness we're all in pursuit of?

Our school systems do a great job teaching reading, math, and science.  But what about life skills?  At The Good Life our goal is to answer all the important questions and teach all of the important skills that life requires.   We have thorough and in-depth courses in the following areas:

Body - Nutrition, Exercise, Longevity

Mind - Building an Identity, Success Mindset, Mindfulness, Scientific & Critical Thinking

Relationships - Communication, Attraction, Persuasion, Negotiation

Money - Avoiding Scams, Investing, Wealth Creation 

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